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A good website design is based on many factors including layout, branding, color selection, balanced use of white space, font choice, and visual symmetry.  Employing these factors in the right way turns an ordinary looking website into an outstanding user experience.  A contemporary “look & feel” is also important.  You don’t want visitors thinking your website is out-of-date although a ‘retro’ design can feel new and fresh when done right. The right use of graphics, animations, and video is critical too.  It can make or break your website and we know how to make these elements work together so you site is outstanding.  Our comprehensive web design approach encompasses everything you need:

Responsive Design & Mobile Friendly

People access the web from their mobile devices in ever increasing numbers. In fact, more people now access the web from their mobile devices than from their PC or Mac.

It’s important then that your website automatically adapts to any PC, Mac, mobile phone or tablet to engage your visitors regardless of which device they’re using. Your website needs to look as good on a mobile device as it does on a PC or Mac.

User Interface

The UI design phase focuses on the visually pleasing aspects of the website. When designing the UI, we first focus on the theme and colors and then on the balance between text, white space, and graphics.

A good UI design is pleasing to the eye and appropriate for the brand. You know when you land on a website with a good UI design because it just feels good.
The UI is just part of a good website design. There are plenty of graphically pleasing designs that look good on an initial view, but leave visitors confused and frustrated because the User Experience (UX) Design is done poorly.

User Experience

The UX design phase focuses on the navigation and user interaction flow. The UX design addresses the clarity and understandability of the website. You always know when you land on a website that has a good UX design because it’s obvious what the website is about and the user engagement and navigation is pleasant experience

You want your visitors to grasp the functioning of your site immediately after scanning the home page (or splash page menu for a mobile app).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO is the process of affecting the order of the search results. Search engines like Google and Bing base the order of their results on what they consider most relevant to those looking for information. The search results which can be web pages, videos or local listing are unpaid and often called “organic” as compared to the paid ads displayed along with the organic results. The goal of SEO is to boost relevancy so the desired result appears earlier and ideally on the first page.


Accelerated Mobile Pages

Slow response times often has visitors leaving a website before they even get started. This is especially true when browsing on a mobile device. When we create websites, we use a technique called Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP for short.
AMP, launched in February 2016, is a technique backed by Google that really amps up performance. On average, browsing an AMP enabled site is four times faster.
Google also rewards websites using AMP with a higher SEO ranking. We at Tekyz are early adopters of this initiative and bring that expertise to your Web Design.

Web Apps

A web application (Web App for short) is a program that runs in a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Web Apps are developed in a browser supported programming language such as JavaScript, and relies on a web browser to render the application.
We are skilled in developing Web Apps to solve your business requirements.



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