We Welcome Small Business

Web Application Development

On the Internet, perception is reality.  Website visitors make presumptions about your company's professionalism and culture solely on the design of your website. Our process helps build brand integrity, communicate your message, and engage your customers.
  • Custom, user-centric web designs, or template based - depending on your need
  • Web designs that make your company appear to be the industry leader
  • E-Commerce setup and integrations
  • Unique user experiences for each target audience type
  • Custom graphics and illustrations to set your site apart from your competitors

Mobile Application Development

According to a Statista worldwide mobile app revenue forecast, 41.1 Billion dollars in revenue was generated from mobile apps worldwide in 2015. This year, app revenue is on track to reach 50.9 Billion dollars. Even more astounding, 2020 is projected to see over 101.1 Billion dollars in mobile app revenue worldwide. With this continued rise in user bases, every business will need to have their presence in the mobile world of apps.

We are well-versed in building apps for all the major platforms — whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Apps can be developed natively, or by using cross-platform frameworks and platforms such as Ionic Framework, Cordova, PhoneGap or Xamarin.


Content Management Solutions

Many organizations would like the ability to manage and maintain their website content without having a dedicated technical staff. Today there are many tools that every day computer users can utilize to manage web pages, images, documents, products, multimedia, and other content types without having to know any website development tools and languages. Integrating a Content Management System can give you freedom of content changes as and when you like, which is as simple as editing any of your documents. The readily available open-source CMS systems help you harvest countless hours of work put by the community in building the product, as well has weighing so light on your wallet. 

  • Setup your functioning website in as little as few hours.
    E-Commerce integration
    Search Engine Optimization

Custom Software Development


Business Software tailored to your needs

A custom program can be written to replace most of the manual and repetitive work functions of your office. This will help the office become more efficient and become competitive. The automation of your manual work will also be rewarding in terms of cost. We can:

  • Help you identify your work process for automation
  • Develop custom software solutions unique to your requirements
  • Help you build a scheduling system to trigger certain work functions
  • Data extraction, transformation and loading to a useful presentation for effective decision making

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System, or LMS as they are more commonly known, is a platform that allows you to store courses or content to train or educate your team, employees, or customers. We will help you setup and integrate a Learning Management which will be unique to your courses and requirements. 

Get started with time tested LMS systems like MoodleATutor, Canvas.